Just Released: ‘Income Sources Encyclopedia’ – the First-Ever Encyclopedia to Everything from Starting a Business, Free Money, Donating Sperm and More

Video and text for hundreds of part-time and full-time income opportunities

For the millions of Americans who are searching for ways to find additional income for themselves and their families, a new Encyclopedia of Income Sources and Methods is now available online at ScamBustersGuide.com.

Unlike individual opportunity listings, this is the first time someone has compiled every major income source into a single directory, including a checklist of simple ways to avoid getting scammed.

The comprehensive guide comes with more than twenty short videos, covering hundreds of part-time and full-time opportunities people could use right away, and includes contact information and Internet links for hundreds of the resources mentioned.

Written and compiled by Jim Bond, former Workshop Chairman for the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and past president of a major consultancy and advertising agency… it claims to meet a universal need people have, of learning what’s really available, with specific details on how to get their piece-of-the-action without getting burned by the numerous scams and frauds just waiting to separate you from your money.

The income sources run the gamut from the simple to the sublime.

Sections include:

  • Before you quit your job (tips and tricks to boost your income and position within your current company and beyond);
  • How to start a part-time or full-time business that actually makes money (even if you’re terrified);
  • Simple ways to earn cash from your hobby or skill;
  • Dozens of work-at-home opportunities (including scams to avoid);
  • Safe ways to offer your freelance services to waiting customers;
  • How to use the Internet to generate multiple streams of income;
  • The truth about Paid Surveys, Mystery Shopper and Work-at-Home programs (from Envelope Stuffing to Surveys to Online Postings and more—the good, the bad and the ugly);
  • Multi-level income—not just selling products, but making money off other people’s work;
  • Getting paid to sell yourself—your hair, the plasma in your blood, your eggs and sperm, etc;
  • Wrapping your car (even older ones) with paid advertising;
  • How to get paid to start a cause (generating a few thousand to over a million dollars in just a few months, without needing to pay anything back!!!);
  • Earning franchising and licensing income (often-dependable income sources, especially if you have a few dollars to invest);
  • Real estate opportunities that many people never consider (even if you have virtually no money);
  • Easy ways to find your missing and unclaimed money, from hundreds of city, state, federal and private programs—including long lost relatives, sometimes with tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of unclaimed cash, jewelry and other assets. This includes cash and valuable items just waiting to be claimed, from insurance, safe deposit boxes, real estate, unclaimed pensions, refund checks that remain uncashed, government rebate and refund programs, and much more—just waiting to be claimed! You could even earn a finder’s fee helping others reclaim their lost rewards.
  • And much more!

From easy-to-use small income sources to change-your-life wealth creation, this program gives people access to a wide range of “real-money” opportunities, all together for the first time in a single program.

This is a life changing program, but because this is a pre-launch special, The Encyclopedia of Income Sources and Methods is only available at a reduced price, including all the videos. If you are buying this program at this reduced price, all that we ask is that you give us feedback in an email so that we can let others know how helpful this program was to you.

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